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Miss Kittin - Calling From The Stars

Miss Kittin

Miss Kittin is to release a double-cd album, 'Calling From The Stars' on April 22nd.

The album is the long-awaited follow-up to her 2007 album 'Batbox'. You can download the first single from the album, 'Life is My Teacher' in the soundcloud player below.

CD 1
01. Flash Forward
02. Come Into My House
03. Bassline
04. Calling From The Stars
05. Life Is My Teacher
06. Maneki Neko
07. What To Wear
08. Night Of Light
09. Tears Like Kisses
10. Eleven
11. Blue Grass
12. See You
13. Everybody Hurts

CD 2
01. Only You
02. Cosmic Love Radiation
03. Tamarin Bay
04. Sunset Mission
05. Mind Stretching
06. Ballad Of The 23rd Century
07. What You See
08. Sortie Des Artistes
09. Silver Lake
10. I Don't Know How To Move


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