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 A few weeks ago we caught up Chris and Steve Martinez aka The Martinez Brothers and the two young men from the Bronx, raised on their father’s love of the music and stories of the paradise garage told us they had big plans for 2013. They’ve now announced that they are to embark on a new residency series in their native city where naturally they feel lots of love.  Gigs around the world at venues from Panorama Bar to Circo Loco at DC10 have honed their abilities and now the two young men are set to return to the big apple.

Presented in a new partnership with the successful team ReSolute NYC – an electronic music events company that emerged 5 years ago as an innovative outlet for showcasing talent in undiscovered places, from warehouse parties of epic proportions, to spontaneous midweek gatherings - The Martinez Brothers’  will curate an event series called Mad Beats and Crazy Styles inspired by the creative synergies of their hometown. So with clubs starting to prosper once again across NY it looks as if the electronic scene there is back on the up and up. Have that Giuliani!

The first event will take place on a very special New York axis at a TBA warehouse in Brooklyn on March 16.

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