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DJ Dalai Lama!


The world of art and electronic music have collided again as a new collection of paintings by Arotin Hartounian see some of the world best know figures take to the decks for a few imagining of what could be happening behind closed doors. Our favourite by far are the series of paintings of his Holiness the Dalai Lama dropping dope tracks on the wheels of steel. But just what would the enlightened one play? We’re taking a guess it’d be deep!

 The artist, who often uses the canvas of Vans shoes for his art,  has revealed the inspiration behind the works  “As far as my memory takes me, I have seen art as the most magical thing anyone can ever do, to create a whole world out of an empty surface. The urge to express ideas and feelings through images is a human instinct that traces all the way back to our primitive days. I have decided to devote my whole life to creating that kind of magic.”

An original, signed edition of Arotin Hartounian’s Dalai Lama painting is available on Etsy, but we're sure it won’t be on there for long. Now what were meant to be saving up for again?


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