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Coma 'In Technicolor'


Cologne based electro-pop duo COMA are to release their next album, In Technicolor on April 15th via the Kompakt label.

The duo describe the album as being a bit of a change of pace with them saying; "Where our previous releases were kind of mirroring a foggy black and white movie, this is definitely a colour film... our attempt at fusing diverse sounds in a more vivid manner, without falling prey to boring club conventions restricting the expressiveness of the music.".

You can download one of the tracks from the forthcoming album below.

01. Hoooooray
02. Maybach
03. Cycle
04. Les Dilettantes
05. Missing Piece
06. #
07. Out Of Control
08. My Orbit
09. The Great Escape
10. maximal MINIMAL
11. Scales
12. T.E.D.


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