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Andy Cato To Release Solo Album


Andy Cato, one half of chart topping British duo, Groove Armada has announced he is to release solo material with a new album entitled ‘Times & Places’. The 18 track collection of original works will be released on 29th April on R&S’s imprint, Apollo Records, home to the likes of Aphex Twin, Biosphere, Model 500, Sun Electric and new signings Submerse, Shadow Child and Synkro.

Billed as a psycho-geographical journey stretching from Cato’s pre-Groove Armada years through to the present, ‘Times & Places’ was largely recorded ‘on the road’ - on tour buses, in airport lounges and beyond - over the course of the past 2 decades with the opening track being recorded as far back as 1993.

Beginning with the era of UK squat raves and Castlemorton, then warehouse parties in pre-gentrified East London, running through the mid 90’s dance boom and his involvement with Beat Foundation, the album documents Cato’s career from underground act to successful festival owner with crossover appeal and transition back again with his recent signing to Hypercolour. After raiding his archives of tapes, cassettes and and floppy discs we’re more that a little interested to see what Andy’s got to show us…


1. Intro (remnants of track 17, take 1)
2. South Of Mexico City
3. Abbey Road Jam
4. The Coastal Path
5. Florence to Rome
6. Sunrise Sant Agnes
7. Moscow To St Petersburg By Train
8. Together is the word.
9. Lake of Stars
10. 8 track Jam at Marks
11. Rainfalls (Toulouse)
12. Back from Castlemorton
13. Palmero By Night
14. Woodstock
15. Whose Groove?
16. Rear Window
17. North From Montparnasse
18. 7am Drop


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