Rue de Plaisance 09 by Ivano Tetelepta & Alex Jansen


Label : Rue De Plaisance
Release Date: March 2013 

Since Varaslov incepted Rue De Plaisance in 2011 with the weird heavy funk jazz fusion of David K’s “Somewhere In My Head” there’ve been a steady stream of pressings of left of centre grooves. The Czech born Parisian incepted the label to release "everything from experimental house to funked-up techno," exclusively on vinyl. So far witty and articulate tracks have been the name of the game. The latest installment, from Ivano Tetelepta and Alex Jansen, continues the emerging tradition.

The A-side opens with “Lemonade Beach” a shuffling dub which never strays from the core loops. Despite the bounce from the rhythm and bass lines the effect is quite serene. The  airy whirling synth line is tastefully cut up; percussion echoes are subject to similar artificial treatment.

“Back Home” jacks up a little opening. The thick legato bassline remains constant, besides some minor dynamic changes, through the whole piece allowing the percussion to provide the development. Building around an organic sounding kick drum patterns change at a nice pace, never feeling rushed into alterations.

Continuing into the B-side “Colourful Fly” lives up to its name. The bass hook bubbles throughout contrasting to the flatness on it’s precursor. A solitary but regular rim shot pierces the otherwise rounded textures. There’s a semblance of playfulness akin to Jason Hopfner’s “Listen to My 45” 10inch (but less ridiculous).

Head honcho Varoslav provides the only remix; of “Lemonade Beach”. He takes on the laid back dub and gives it a makeover for the floor. Adding more drive to the proceedings it’s transformed into a decidedly more danceable number. The final moments fade into a bit of field noise before fading out which brings the B-side nicely to a close.

There is a heavy reliance on the loops in all the original mixes but the confidence put in them is well placed and the deft work with the percussion elements carries interest effectively. 

Posted on March 05, 2013 at 12:53 PM
Author : HenrySterling