Jossie Telch - The Root

UGM46_The_Root_hi.jpgLabel: Undergroove Music
Score: 8/10 

Mexico has been making quite an impression on the global electronic music map of late, with acts such as Climbers and festivals such as Time and Space and BPM bringing their penchant for discerning pastures to a wider audience. Undergroove Music is the latest in a long line of labels from the country striving to make their voice heard, a feat they achieved with sumptuous ease with their most recent offering from returning US based producer Jossie Telch.

On ‘The Root’ EP, Telch explores a number of different moods, motifs and methods, a unique way of working that doesn’t always pay off but pays dividends here. Nuanced, snappy and eclectic, the title track makes for an entihing start to proceedings, with its warped bassline, menacing overtones and all-round erratic (yet somehow coherent) sound the mark of a producer confident in his approach.

“In & Out” then adopts a similar kick-heavy opening, before a host of deep, synth-heavy strands play their part. Like its younger brother, it makes use of multiple, often-contrasting sounds, with the highlight the vocal/piano combo that interjects around the ¾ mark. Expertly crafted, assured sounding fodder that’s tailor-made for the floor.

Posted on February 07, 2013 at 2:07 PM
Author : ErrolLeslie